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If you are looking for how many quarters are in a basketball game, let me tell you that there is a total of four quarters in a match of basketball.

As per the regulations of the National Basketball Association or also known as the NBA, the men’s game in the college section usually has two halves of 20 minutes each.

To learn more about the playing regulation and how many quarters are in a basketball game, this article is just for you.

In this article, we tried to give you all the details for men’s college basketball quarters.

How many quarters are in a basketball game

Quarters in a basketball game

As there are four quarters in a basketball game and the entire game is total 40minutes. The quarters in a basketball game are divided into 10 minutes each. This basically answers to your question of how many quarters are in a basketball game.

The NBA or National Basketball Association has declared all of the rules for each of the games on a provisional basis with strict manner. This means that the time and all of the deadline has to be calculated within a fraction of a second.

That is why you see on YouTube sometimes that videos of people showing basketball clips with just a second of spare time. Because even the fraction of the second is that much important.

For the gameplay of each of the quarters in NBA, one timeout is called. During this time, each teams get one minute or two minute of break time this is mainly depending on the game that is going on.

Sometimes in Major League college basketball games, the timeis even 30 minutes to just take a sip of water and discussed small strategy items.

How many period are in a basketball game?

If you are looking for how many quarters in NBA basketball then the answer will still be the same. Mainly as per the regulations of the National Basketball Association, all of the games from professional league to college level are conducted within the same rules of conduct.

Is college basketball different from professional league?

Apart from all the salaries and the big sponsors that all of the players get, it really doesn’t matter how many quarters are there in basketball at college.

At college level, most of the games are regulated within the reputations of the institution as well as some of the players might get a chance to play at Major League basketball.

But for the most part, players are awarded with several prize moneys and scholarships for covering their tuition fees and study opportunities with proper facilities. This might end your confusion regarding how many quarters are in a basketball game.


In this article, we answered how many quarters are in basketball. There is total four quarters of 10 minutes time each. If you need to learn about something or if you want us to cover any topic, let us know in the comments section we will be more than happy to reach out to you with all of the information that you need. And if you have some time, feel free to check out our latest updates on the sports world as well as exciting products that might enlighten you.


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