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A sack in football is a specific tackle by the defensive player behind the scrimmage line. American football is, more than anything, exciting. With all the action and all the battle raging on, it is one of the most action-packed sports in the entire world. In this content, we will learn about what is a sack in football

By football, we obviously mean American football. This is also known as rugby in some countries.   Let me explain what happens on a sack in football. 

At the start, the player on attack throws the ball at the hands of the quarterback. And the job is to run as best as you could to the other side of the field.

When the player or players from the defensive side take it up a bit, and tackle the quarterback behind the scrimmage line, while the quarterback is trying to pass the ball to the other players, is called a sack. 

There are literally separate practices and training that players usually take to become a master at doing this. You can also find a list on the internet about the NFL sack leaders as well. 

What is a sack in football

How the word “sack” came into existence 

The sack is one of the most exciting parts and patterns of play in the game. Now, the thing is, it is only for the players in defense. If you didn’t have any idea about American football or if you are comparatively new to it, now you know.  

This gets even better during the end time of the game. One of the legends in American football, Deacon Jones, invented or introduced this terminology to the game world.

He stated in an interview that the offense players felt like that they are a city that is being sacked. And as for the pattern of the game as well, it goes by just well. If you look at a live or recorded game, when a sack happens, it is one of the most exciting parts. You’ll understand that eventually.

What happens on a sack in football? 

In American football, a sack happens when the quarterback is being tackled by the defense behind the scrimmage line.

This doesn’t happen all the time in the game. There is a specific time for that. As the pattern says, you might have already guessed that it is only going to happen somewhere around the staring of a run. Not in the middle part, of course. 

This trick only happens when a player from the offense, most likely the quarterback, throws the ball to one of the receivers of his team. The sack in football often causes losses of yards, which goes in the favor of the side of the defense.

Because at that stage, they have less ground to cover. This makes the situation difficult for the attacking team. And on the other hand, the defense gets the best benefit of the situation. 

The sack gives the defense an advantage. After a time, the situation is difficult for the defense, the sack is capable of giving the defense an upper hand. And it also has the capability of changing the course of the game. 

Once the offense is being attacked by this specific trick, it is quite common for the entire offensive team to throw the next play as soon as possible. Because if they don’t do it cover the next shot might end up in a similar situation. And that would obviously make the whole match turn around in opposite of them. 

There is another term in this case. It is called “a tackle for loss”. It is basically when a running back player or a receiver or even the quarterback has been tackled somewhere around the backfield. Especially during a play in the running state.

Why is this so important? 

Sacks are one of the most important instruments in terms of defense. While defending against a specific pass, it gets crucial. The entire offensive line along with the quarterback and the coach of the team is under immense attention. 

The pressure is really high. And there is also the reason for that. Because the defense is capable of getting enough sacks on the quarterback, that the entire situation might change in a click. 

Even if you look at the statistics of the NFL, you can see that only those teams who are capable of getting more sacks on the quarterback have a higher chance of winning the match.

The truth is that common the team that only rushes the passing player with three armor defenders has a better chance to cover the situation. This trick makes the situation harder.

Especially for the quarterback. Because he is not able to find any open receivers to throw the ball. And in a situation, any sudden attack might change the whole game. 

Important things to take note about sack in American football 

Down below is a quick list of information that you should know. Because to properly learn about sack in soccer, you need to understand the entire concept and the information behind it. 

The first thing is that it is a move made by the defensive players. Whenever the quarterback is trying to send the ball to another receiver cover if the defensive players are able to seize all of the receivers and then tackle the quarterback, it is called a sack.

But the main part about the sack is not tackling the quarterback. It is rather making him unable of throwing the ball to any other player on his team. 

Despite the fact that tackling is one of the important parts, but it is not the “most important” part of the sack. 

If the passer player is running out of bounds behind the scrimmage line while being under the pressure from the defense cover it is also called a sack.

Too late if more than two players are involved in a similar situation, each player will have the credit for half of a full sack. 

When the quarterback is being forced by the defense. And the situation is so tough that he’s bound to fumble the ball way behind the scrimmage line, it is most popularly known as a strip-sack. 

And in a similar situation cover, if the ball has been recovered by the defense, it’s a simple case of turnover. 

Sack: the rules and techniques 

At first, you might think that this is pretty much straightforward in American football. But that is not the fact. In reality, there are a lot of things that players need to keep in their minds.

And also there are a handful of other elements that can either disrupt the whole plan or even cancel a sack that is under development. 

When you are watching a game, you would notice that the players wait for a couple of moments before they celebrate a sack.

There is a reason for that. That is done just to make sure that the game is still standing without a penalty.

Sack: the rules and techniques

Because sometimes, due to the intense excitement of the game, the penalty is called after a couple of seconds. But if the defense is constantly pushing and then starts celebrating after a sack, the fun gets ruined. That’s why they wait for a couple of moments before starting to celebrate. 

We do realize that we mentioned at the beginning of this article regarding tackling the quarterback. Even though the entire team of the sack is being defined by the quarterback being tackled.

Yet covering the tackle is not the most important part of the sack. Neither it is the main or the key feature of it. 

one of the all-time NFL legends like Reggie white had their signature moves. And we’re talking about all of the legendary players.

All of them had their signature moves in which they were unique and distinguishable. If you are looking to learn more about why is it called a sack in football, then you can check out more information on this on our website. 

The difference between tackle and a sack 

the main difference is within the positioning of the players that we’re talking about. To be honest, the entire of it depends on the position of the players. 

If the quarterback of the offense team is being stuck behind the scrimmage line, then it is a sack. And especially, if the quarterback is actually tackled while behind the scrimmage line, that’s the most important part.

And apart from that cover throughout the entire game, whenever and wherever the player who has the football holding in his hands, has been brought to the ground, that is called a tackle.  If I get you into a philosophical perspective. Every tackle is not a sack, but every sack is a form of tackle. 

Basically, if you tackle the quarterback behind the scrimmage line, that is a sack. But apart from that, any other tackle is known as the regular “tackle”. 


What does a sack do in football?

It is one of the most important parts of the entire play. Because it has the capability of changing the game for the office team. Whenever the quarterback has been tackled behind the scrimmage line, it is called a sack.

While it is called a sack in football?

There is a reason for that. It is because the offense team feels like a city under a sack. It is unable to do or perform any of the basic tasks that it should be doing.

What is a sack in football?

Is sack in football is a situation when the quarterback of the office team has been tackled by the defense behind the scrimmage line.

What’s the difference between a sack and a tackle?

The basic difference between a sack and a tackle is the position in. If a player is tackling anywhere else in the field, it is a normal tackle. But if the defensive players, any one of them, tackle the quarterback behind the scrimmage line, that is a sack.

What defines a sack?

The positioning of the two players in question defines a sack. If the position is one of the quarterbacks behind the scrimmage line and the other is of a defensive player, that is a sack. Anything else is a tackle.

What quarterback has been sacked the most?

Tom Brady is the all-time most sacked quarterback. He has been sacked an astonishing number of 527 times.


American football is one of the most exciting forms of sports in the world. The NFL is also one of the gross profit-making sporting organizations in the whole world.

In terms of excitement, there are lots of different aspects to the game. The sack is one of them. Throughout this article that you just finished, we discussed what is a sack in football. And we also clarified that by “football close code, we meant American football. 

Different games have different rules. These small features and tactics make all the difference. And if we’re talking about such an important and exciting element of the entire game, it is always important for us to learn about it.

Because if we know the game, the fun of watching it increases even more. And if we are trying to learn the game, then you already know the answer to that. 

We are always here to give you the latest information about the sports that you need to know. If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, please let us know in the comment section. You can also reach us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of the page.

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